What is this?  

Sometimes Un oeuf is Un oeuf. Sometimes we are Un oeuf is Un oeuf. Sometimes the world is Un oeuf. And everything we need to do is Un oeuf. We keep on running, developing and searching, in the hope that the circle of life will come around, but maybe it’s sometimes more appropriate to say Un oeuf is Un oeuf. This can make it all a bit better, because Un oeuf can be soft, hard, vulnerable, a temporary home, feeding, healing, competitive or broken. In Un oeuf is Un oeuf we explore the wonderful shapes and worlds of the Un oeuf. 

Who are we?

Wimke Dekker and Ella Gijselhart teamed up as an interdisciplinary photo, video and graphic design duo who develop different projects with a playfull approach and their own visual language. From silkscreened mirrors, publications and art-prints, to visual video/photo installations and online magazines. ‘We are interested in how images can challenge our brain to search for something we recognize or start a rhythm which can continue forever.  A visual conversation, where one image triggers and lets us think of another.’

Want to know us a little bit better?
                                                                                            Here you see the contents of our bag on a summer’s day.